New iPhone Casinos 2015-2016 – Bonuses & Codes

Back in 2007, iPhones started a new era of smartphone obsession, marking the beginning of the global mobile revolution. Apple was the first company to release a drastic novelty (never seen or even heard before) – the ground-breaking touchscreen interface, a legendary invention that has become commonplace now.

This technological breakthrough has been recently improved, getting even bigger and receiving even better options. Many years later, iPhones are still enjoying the popularity boom.

With eye-catching graphics, sleek style and a growing number of applications, one can see why more and more of these innovative devices are reported to have increasing sales figures.

According to Statista, Apple sells about 170 million units a year. With the phenomenal sales of the latest iPhone model that reached 13 million only several days after launch, a revolutionary interface with 3D Touch and mind-blowing performance, the number of iPhones is definitely going to grow again.
iPhone Casinos for Better Games and More Fun

Over the last decade, online gambling arena has experienced immense improvements. After its promising kick-off in the early 2000s, there has been non-stop activities aimed at making games more beautiful, animations more dazzling and sounds more genuine.

With a resulting push on the fast-progressing gaming market, developers come up with enhanced features and promotions, but none is equal to iPhone casinos. After taking the gambling industry by storm, they soon became no second to online casinos.

They combine all the greatest betting characteristics in the palm of your hand, including a great collection of games, fast payouts and awesome bonuses. iPhone users love enticing graphics and realistic sound effects, which remind of pleasant background noises of winning spins at brick-and-mortar houses.

Taking into account that most iPhone users have already tried free slots (as the simplest and most exciting game), they know for sure that such playing is fun, steady and reliable.

No wonder, they are ready to take on another stage of betting – real money games. While some players tend to stick to reputable houses, others love the thrill of having new experiences and finding the latest and newest casinos in the market. Frankly speaking, the competition among casinos is definitely getting more fierce and intense lately.

But players remember the golden rule of gambling: the more casinos, the better offers. So they keep track of the recently launched houses not to miss out-of-the-range bonuses they grant. A good idea is to follow app directories, where brand-new names are easy to notice, e.g.

Thrills and Casino Saga. Plus, there are always top ranked casinos, which are reevaluated regularly, including 32Red and Jackpot City. Some of them are industry pioneers, but others are quite new. Choose the most promising 2015 iPhone casino to enjoy limitless games and ongoing promotions there.

Choosing New Slots to Play Brightly and Win Big

Our selection process for new casinos

An adventurous race in search of new iPhone casinos can be fun. It totally depends on a player how successful a race may be, as well as on a selection of features marked as the highest priority.

Players of all backgrounds and skills (even those who value reputation most of all) sometimes get tired of betting at well-known houses. They seek new gambling experiences at new casinos.

Considering the fact that the number of such casinos is constantly going up along with the revenues – 14 per cent for iPad apps and 6 per cent for iPhone ones – some players feel at a loss what factors they should pay attention to, when selecting a new place to play.

According to professional bettors, a list isn’t long. Firstly, they recommend to check bonuses and see if there are any restrictions attached (quite easy to do, as all the tastiest promotions are meant to be noticed, but don’t look for rules and limitations on the home page).

Secondly, a collection of games must be considered. Here, players point out the necessity of watching out for free games. Unfortunately, there have been reports when during free plays, money bets were required.

Thirdly, legal issues should be kept in mind. As iPhone gambling now deals with real money wagers, legal precautions have become of utmost importance. In general, casinos for Apple phones share all the best features with that of online houses. Choose safely to make your race enjoyable and adrenaline-rich.

Reviews by the microscope

The community of players is steadily growing, with more and more newly registered members at professional boards and forums. They look for key information and proven facts there.

No wonder, some trustworthy review providers have reported a large number of visitors recently. They offer worthy data on both highly respected houses and industry newbies. Players often check them for general updates, as well as for info on promotion giveaway days.

As a rule, they have all the necessary details, statistics and up-front lists of recommended dos and don’ts. Frankly speaking, along with dependable reviews, there are some unreliable ones. They get paid to sing praising songs to unproven sites.

As a result, players are fed with treacherous info that has nothing to do with the truth. So before sticking to some review board, check its reputation and reliability.

Put it under the microscope to make sure all the facts are checked and ratings are not biased in favor of sponsors. Trust should be earned after all. Make iPhone playing honest, tell the truth you know.

Expertise of iPhone & iPad owners

Find the Latest Apps in the App Store: Interesting and Numerous

Despite the fact that iPhone gambling is relatively new, some players can be proudly called experts. They were the first to discover the unknown world of iPhone & iPad betting, as well as witnessed its fast-forwarding advancements.

Knowing the difference between the quality standards of a decade ago and now, they say that gambling is on the threshold of even more surprising improvements. Now worthy online casinos make it a must to have an iPhone/iPad compatible version, because these devices are the most popular in the gadget market.

In 2014, the revenue of smartphone and tablet gambling was over nine and three billion euros. It’s predicted to be respectively 14 and 8 billion euros in 2018.

To foresee players’ desires, gaming software developers offer cutting-edge solutions, for instance Spin3 by Microgaming. It was in 2008 that for the first time an online casino became accessible for iPhone and iPod users and it was a major coup.

Now, lots of online casinos have chosen this provider of top-notch mobile gaming ideas to present their mobile versions. The thing is, Spin3 looks, feels and runs brilliantly on Apple devices. Most importantly, it offers not only apps but also browser games. Spin3 does enrich mobile gambling experiences.

Bonus codes: what is what

iPhone gambling is provably fair and it has a rule of granting whatever is offered. But it doesn’t make casinos any more cautious when deciding on bonus sums, because they guarantee truly sizzling promotions.

Plus, they have special bonus codes – a combination of letters and numbers that is also known as a give coupon, e.g. Star600 or BRT195. They are available through various offers and promotions. Bonus codes mean a fare increase in a deposit; sometimes it can even be a multiplication.

As a rule, bonus codes can grant from a dozen dollars to several hundreds. Normally, there is a restriction, e.g. a 100% bonus up to $1,000. What is more, terms and conditions define a number of deposits to make to get a full advantage of the bonus code.

To be exact, some casinos require players to make several qualifying deposits during a certain period of time.

Bonus codes can be found at the very casino sites or can be hidden more properly, e.g. in directories listing such casinos. Players who manage to find a code should put it in the special box when signing up or making a deposit.

Actually, there are several types of bonus codes and they can be used at different stages of gambling at casinos through the device. Players just need to click on the link Claim Bonus and it’s in their account.

There are also sites with no extra codes. Their users automatically get a deposit increase. Don’t think twice when there’s a bonus or a bonus code on offer. Grab it to fully enjoy iPhone playing and get all the perks imaginable.

Blackjack, Poker, Slots and Other Popular Games at the Best iPhone Casinos

Why are we experts in iPhone casinos?

With iPhone gambling presenting a mobile adventure like no other, more and more players choose it over other kinds of playing. It’s no surprise, actually. iPhone casinos are bright, all-inclusive and fun.

They have all the features of online casinos and even more, put into an innovative device of glossy designs and outstanding performance. The shiny looks do matter, naturally, but quality is much more essential for demanding players of the twenty-first century.

All in all, iPhones combine cutting edge technologies in lustrous packages, completely changing the direction of gambling developments and improvements. They create an imaginative world of betting wonders in the palm of your hand and everyone wants to be its part. Our site is no exception.

Understanding the influence of iPhones on the betting industry, we believe they are the promising future with all the prospects of becoming a domineering leader soon. According to Statista, the revenue of mobile gaming is to be over 3 billion US dollars in 2016, which means it’ll be almost doubled in comparison with 2 billion in 2013.

So, here we are trying to quench the raging thirst of users for trustworthy information on well-known and new casinos, their pros and cons, the greatest bonuses, the most acceptable banking methods and definitely a selection of games.

The thing is, an increasing number of players show keen interest in the latest releases and special promotions of thrilling and well-paid games. As a result, gaming apps make up 75% of the revenue in iOS App Store.

That’s why our experts do their best to provide players with up-to-date reviews that are always quite thorough and fair. We list both famous and new games. Not surprisingly, you’ll find such popular slot names as Thunderstruck, Jackhammer or Mega Moolah, which have already attracted the lion’s share of slot fans through iPhones.

Still casinos offer not only the world-known games, but also make sure to include recently released and rising ones, which are likely to win players’ favor, too.

On our site you will find all the relevant and latest info on happenings in the iPhone galaxy. Keep up to date and stay ahead of the gambling crowd with fresh news, in-depth reviews and professional tips from our experts.

We question

iPhone casinos are attracting more and more players, but newbies still have a lot of questions they need replies for, before they feel knowledgeable enough to begin gaming. It takes weeks or even months for some players to get started.

As a matter of fact, beginners don’t need to answer all the questions themselves in order to fill in informational gaps. They can turn to special FAQ pages, where all the most important answers can be found.

They contain handy guidelines on how to play certain games, to deposit money or to withdraw winnings, covering key steps for worry-free playing.

To make the gambling life of our players more pleasant, we have analyzed the most troublesome and often asked questions. Below you can see them, closely followed by replies.

  • Where and how do I get a casino app? – As a rule, the apps are available on the casino site or in the App Store. Check the version of your device to make sure it’s supported.
  • Are casino apps free? – Generally, yes. Still there are some apps that need special data which are not free. Some apps have free and full versions. Over 90% of the app purchase revenue is within free games.
  • What are Internet connection requirements? – iPhones are impossible to imagine without fast and reliable Internet. However, Wi-Fi connection is recommended. In case you cannot connect the device to the Internet, use its manual to follow guidelines or turn to support offices to get professional help.
  • How do I get an account? – If you have an online casino account, you can use it for iPhone games, too. When you need a new one, registration is available by using a desktop platform or an iPhone app directly.
  • What should I do when there are game problems? – The most common of them is game crashing and freezing. Sometimes the game doesn’t work at all. Typically, technical issues pop up after a session longer than 1 hour. To improve game performance, players are advised to use the latest game versions (check the App Store), have no other applications opened and have lots of battery life. Sometimes restarting the device (or even reinstalling the game) is necessary.
  • What should I do if a billing question pops up? – Normally, players should contact Apple iTunes Support.

By the way, players can get special software at Apple iTunes to collect stats on delays and frequencies for some games, e.g. Win Roulette.

There are lots of similar apps for different games, but remember to turn to 24/7 customer support care, where managers solve problems quickly and effectively.

The Best Hook for Catching Big Prizes is Smart Stakes

We solve

Our experts do their best not only to help answer common questions, but also try to find solutions for any issues.

What is more, to warn players against unreliable houses and point out trusted ones, we select the best out of the rest. We test iPhone casinos and their bonuses, paying extra attention to the following factors:

  • large promotions (not only promised, but actually paid out)
  • developer names
  • helpful customer support
  • a range of secure deposit and withdrawal methods
  • regular and fair payouts

You know, forewarned is forearmed.

We present

With lots of popular games and an ever-growing collection available at iPhone casinos, choosing an awesome new play can be challenging. There are lots of brilliant titles, but unfortunately not all of them are used for worthy games.

According to players, an ideal game can capture attention for hours at a time. Based on daily revenues, several apps were selected as the top earning, including Game of War – Fire Age (over 1 million), Clash of Clans, Candy Crash Saga, Boom Beach, Big Fish Casino, etc. In the UK, 2013 mobile games properties were ranked by millions of unique mobile users in the following order:

  • Gameloft – over 3 million visitors
  • and EA Websites – about 2 million
  • – about 1.5 million, etc.

In general, finding, organizing and adding new casino games is no problem with iTunes. There you can see a list of popular apps, including Zynga Poker to play poker or Big Fish Casino to enjoy an incredible range of slots.

If you are in search of new names, have a look at Wild Jackpots, Mobile Millions and 7Bit Casino. Due to PureMicrogaming, they were launched in 2015, use QuickFire and Full Viper as game platforms and some of them have already been eCogra approved.

New casinos promise unique gambling experiences with better quality games, e.g. Hexbreaker 2 is a new IGT slot game with release in 2015. Doozy gambling is for eager players.

We advise

Over the years, iOS has been improved greatly, getting new versions regularly. As of October 2015, over 60% of iPhones and iPads had iOS9 and about 30% of devices used iOS8.

Having high standards of iOS performance, users can rest assured that apps are reliable and meet strict requirements of the App Store. So players can have enjoyable games with fewer technical and connection issues than in earlier versions. We advise the latest developments for better gaming.

When choosing casinos, players may select between download and no download ones. To tell the truth, some casinos offer both features, while others are available in either mode.

No matter whether you may prefer download or no download playing, games can be free of charge or require real money bets. As of February 2014, it was reported that monthly an average American gamer spent about $2.5 on downloading iOS games.

But it’s China that has become a main player in iOS growth. Plus, it’s Asian publishers that are now launching more games in the App Store. We recommend considering all the points when choosing casino games to your taste.

Sometimes you see well-known game titles presented as new. For example, a classic game of Cashville has been played for about ten years, but recently it has been renewed with bright graphics.

That’s why we advise to check lists of improved games for your favorites. If you hunt for new games, have a look at MetaCritic, where you can see the latest action games.

Choosing New Slots to Play Brightly and Win Big

Bonus Promotions for new iPhone casinos

The better and the higher bonuses, the happier players. iOS casinos use not only encouraging popular promotions, but also introduce their own specialties. To be exact, players can have greater financial luck on certain days of the week (e.g. Daily Specials) or claim cashback on Insurance Days, as well as take full advantage of Weekly Surprises.

Plus, there are Games of the Day when players are challenged to win a share of prize pools. Players also love special events, e.g. Cash Weekend Races are arranged to reward the best players with extra money.

What is more, all the new bonuses are quite substantial and vary in the range from 10% to 50% or even 100%. They inspire players to grab all the perks and gamble to the full.

For superior result

Speaking of big promotions, some beginners wonder how big they are. Definitely, high roller casinos offer the greatest bonuses, but others don’t fall behind, either. As a rule, match bonuses are the first players can see in directories and on home pages.

They start from $100 and go up to $1,500. Sign-up bonuses are also quite impressive and can reach $1,600. Next, players can reap the benefits of first deposit bonuses (about $250), but they can come up to $500, too. All in all, promotions know no limits.

Leading bonuses

Players love all kinds of bonuses, but most of all they adore hugely rewarding ones. The most favorite and financially cheering promotions are called No deposit and Deposit bonuses.

They show the advantages of serious and sensible playing with real money. Concentrate on the positive experiences, play successfully and win big in iPhone casinos.